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Heart Centered Leadership: Yoga, Mindfulness, & Coaching

By Lisa Hunter

SUN FEB 14, 2021

What does it mean to live and lead with heart? The answers must come from within and will be specific to you. Most likely, your answers will change over time. To gain some clarity, start with some powerful questions. How do you show yourself love? How often do you show yourself love? How does a healthy relationship and love for self impact the relationship you have with those you love and lead?

The physical body can be a clue to what is happening in our hearts (and minds). By focusing on our heart center in a yoga or meditation practice, we can explore concepts like whether we are feeling open and receptive or if there is some protection and fear present. In addition to creating greater awareness of what is present, a yoga, mindfulness, and meditation practice may help you shift from one state to another. Here is a short heart-focused practice to help you generate some of this awareness.